13th Week in Ordinary Time : Sunday 26th June 2022

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Lord, help me to let go of things and free myself to attach to You

13th Week in Ordinary Time : Sunday 26th June 2022

1 Kgs. 19:16b,19-21; Ps. 15:1-2a and 5,
7-8,9-10,11; Gal. 5:1,13-18;
Lk. 9:51-62 (Ps Wk I)

As Jesus resolutely makes His way to Jerusalem, we follow Him faithfully. But along the way, we may be distracted like the disciples and those who wish to     follow Him. We may want revenge on those who mistreat us, just like James and John desire to call down fire to burn up the Samaritans who are unfriendly towards them.

Or we hope that following Jesus will be a smooth and easy journey. But Jesus says, the Son of Man has nowhere to lay down His head to rest. The journey will not be smooth sailing. Even for those who have things to settle – burying the dead and saying goodbye to their loved ones, Jesus is saying that following Him comes first, that should be the priority. Once the hand is laid on the plough, no one who looks back is fit for the kingdom of God. Jesus emphasises that the journey needs resoluteness and looking ahead, not looking backwards.

Can we also be like Elisha, who slaughtered his oxen and burned his plough to give up his attachments and move forward to follow Elijah? We have decided to follow Jesus. Let us be serious and look ahead in our journey of faith. We must let go of things that we are overly attached to be freer to follow Jesus.

Lord, make me follow You ever more closely, and give me the strength to do so. Let nothing disturb me in my journey of faith.

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