Feast of St Luke, Evangelist : Wednesday 18th October 2023

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St Ignatius of Antioch, bishop & martyr, pray for us

Feast of St Luke, Evangelist : Wednesday 18th October 2023

2 Tim. 4:10-17b; Ps. 144:10-11,12-13ab,17-18;
Lk. 10:1-9 (Psalter proper or feast)

Of the four evangelists, only Luke, whose feast day we celebrate today, mentions the second mission of the disciples (see: Mt. 10: 1-20; Mk. 6: 7-13; Lk. 9: 1-6). In this instance, 72 are sent out into the world. According to Rabbinic tradition, there are 72 nations in the world.

The disciples’ task is to “go ahead” to towns and places Jesus Himself was to visit. It means they are not to announce themselves or their message but to prepare the way for Jesus. Jesus also asks them to pray for more workers in the harvest.

However, the task will not be easy. The disciples will be sent like lambs among wolves, signifying the challenges and dangers they will face. They will be defenceless and have to depend totally on the Lord. At the same time, there is to be no delay. The missionaries are to bring Christ’s peace to places they visit. In fact, they are privileged to be the ministers and heralds of Christ’s peace to others. The task is so urgent that there is no time to greet anyone.

In his letter to Timothy, Paul describes that even in the Church, believers, including friends, can either support or hinder the mission. Therefore, the life of a true missionary is filled with a sense of abandonment and opposition from others. He or she must know that the strength and power to endure these hardships and continue the mission comes from the Lord Himself. A missionary cannot be dependent only on human friendship and collaboration.

Lord, guide me to be Your instrument of peace to many.

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