4th Week of Lent : Monday 15th March 2021

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Lord Jesus, deepen my faith ... draw me closer to you

4th Week of Lent : Monday 15th March 2021

Is. 65:17-21; Ps. 29:2,4,5-6,11-12,13;
Jn. 4:43-54 (Ps Wk IV)

As a great teacher, Jesus often spoke in a manner designed to challenge his listeners. His intention was not to dismiss their cares and anxieties, nor to put people down but to help them towards further reflection and so guide them along the road to true faith. Believing in Jesus because of the miracles he worked would never really be true faith, but simply remain on the level of wonder or astonishment.

True faith entails a personal relationship on a much deeper level. This explains the harsh words that Jesus spoke to the man deeply troubled by his son’s illness: Jesus did not refuse to work the miracle, but he did demand faith from the petitioner. Matthew 13:58 notes that on a visit to Nazareth once, Jesus could not work many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

Lord Jesus, deepen my faith that all my petitions for Your help will be spiritually genuine.

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