3rd Week of Lent : Wednesday 10th March 2021

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Lord, grant me the grace to live a life based on your righteousness.

3rd Week of Lent : Wednesday 10th March 2021

Deut. 4:1,5-9; Ps. 147:12-13,15-16,19-20;
Mt. 5:17-19 (Ps Wk III)

People generally do not like rules and regulations, and sometimes for good reasons. But the teachings given to us by God are for our benefit — they make us who we are. If we walk in God’s ways, we will thrive as a people, and the entire world will be blessed.

Deuteronomy points out that those who obey God’s laws are very different.  They will make an impression on the other nations. By lives of justice and holiness, we bear witness to the presence and the sovereignty of God. It is the best testimony we can offer.

Jesus did not abolish the law or sweep away the traditions of Israel. He even set a higher standard — he told them they had to be even more righteous than the Pharisees. Jesus was a Jew, and his life and teachings were intended to give new life and power to his religious tradition.

There are no shortcuts to God — the path has been laid out for humanity for millennia — we need only to follow. Each day we are given opportunities, both great and small, to live God’s righteousness.

Lord, may I never stray from Your path.

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