PALM SUNDAY (A) : 5th April 2020

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Lord, help us to continue your mission and make this world a better place for all

PALM SUNDAY (A) : 5th April 2020

Is. 50:4-7; Ps. 22(21):8-9,17-18,19-20,23-24;
Phil. 2:6-11; Mt. 26:14 --27:66 (Ps Wk II)

How do we know when someone is truly speaking for God? We look to their way of life.

Are they willing to endure rejection and abuse for the sake of their message? Do they truly listen to God? Do they offer words of hope and encouragement? Are they free from ego and selfishness?

Isaiah’s Suffering Servant is a perfect description of the prophet of God. Philippians goes even further: Jesus completely emptied himself, leaving aside all power, glory, and honour. He endured humiliation, suffering, and death — all motivated by love for the sake of humanity.

Paul proposes that this self-emptying be the model for the Christian community. ‘Others, not self’ should be our guiding principle.

We can look at the Passion story from the same angle. Instead of concentrating on the suffering, which we often do, focus on the tremendous love that enabled Jesus to endure the cross. It is not suffering just for the sake of suffering but for the liberation and healing of humanity. Whenever we bear another’s burdens, strive to give hope to others, or make the world a better place, we are continuing the mission of Jesus.

 Lord, may I always be a source of hope and encouragement to others.

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