Saturday after Epiphany : 8th January 2022

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St Raymond of Penyafort, priest

Saturday after Epiphany : 8th January 2022

1 Jn.5:14-21; Ps. 149:1-2,3-4,5-6a,9b;
Jn. 3:22-30 (Ps Wk II)

John assured believers that God would hear their prayers as long as their request was the will of God. The people were told to pray for others who were committing sin so that they could be restored to the fulness of life. There are sins for which there is no forgiveness – blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is one. We, too, might heed the warning against idol worship in our present society.

The disciples of John the Baptist were concerned that Jesus was now baptising and was gathering a following. But John had the right answer – a person only receives what God gives him. John reaffirmed that he was not the Messiah but that he had been sent before him. John the Baptist was in a supportive role, much like that of the best man for the bridegroom.  John the Baptist knew that his supportive role was determined by God and that Jesus was the Messiah. This passage is evidence of John’s commitment to following God’s will in deep humility and gratitude for being chosen to serve his Lord.

Lord, help me to be committed to serving You in humility and gratitude.

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