Monday after Epiphany : 3rd January 2022

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The Holy Name of Jesus, we worship You

Monday after Epiphany : 3rd January 2022

1 Jn. 3:22 — 4:6; Ps. 2:7-8,10-11;
Mt. 4:12-17,23-25 (Ps Wk II)

We will receive whatever we ask for if we believe in Jesus and love one another. It sounds so simple! But simple – uncomplicated – is not the same thing as easy. John’s view of belief is very demanding. We must profess our faith not with words but with deeds and by our way of life. Faith means a total surrender to Jesus and a willingness to let him dwell in our hearts and minds. And love is not sentimentality or warm feelings – it is a willingness to lay down our lives, comfort, and convenience for the sake of others. All of a sudden, things don’t sound so simple or easy! But there is a helpful tool: we can test every ‘spirit’ – our thoughts, words, and actions – by what Jesus stands for. Does it reflect compassion, mercy, hope, sharing, and forgiveness? If it does, it is probably from the Lord.

The ministry of Jesus is a bright light indeed for those who walk in the darkness of despair, suffering, oppression, and emptiness. His announcement of the reign or kingdom of God would have been meaningless without some sign. He provides many signs: healing from various afflictions and the granting of hope and forgiveness. Our proclamation of Jesus must always be accompanied by tangible signs – the kindnesses that we do for others as well as the hope and encouragement we can provide. Love is always shown in deeds more than in words, and love is the essence of our faith.

Lord, increase my faith.

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