6th Week of Easter (C) : Saturday 28th May 2022

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Lord, send your spirit upon us

6th Week of Easter (C) : Saturday 28th May 2022

Acts 18:23-28; Ps. 46:2-3,8-9,10;
Jn. 16:23b-28 (Ps Wk II)

Jesus was returning to the Father, from whom He came; so He solemnly, yet affectionately, bids farewell to His chosen disciples and encourages them to “ask for anything in My Name” from His Father. For the Father now sees them/us all in His Son, Jesus; and would the Father ever refuse ‘anything’ to His Beloved Son? In the context of a whole new relationship, we now pray to the Father, confident and wanting only what the Father wants for us. This is the transformation that has come upon the disciples because of the power of the Resurrection of Jesus. This is the new life promised to all believers where we see all created things bathed in the newness of a resurrected world. We cannot but stand amazed at the unbounded love of the Father for us … that the Father is ready to grant “anything” we ask for!

Let’s rest in that ‘love’ and allow ourselves to be loved ‘warts and all’. Our Christian faith teaches us that God’s love for us is boundless and is not conditioned by our failures. What exact needs are bursting in us to be spoken out to a loving Father? Ask, and you will receive: can prayer be made any simpler?

Lord, may the Spirit You have given us, pray in us, as we do not know what to ask the Father!

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