Epiphany of the Lord (A) : Sunday 5th January 2020

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All the nations shall fall prostrate before You, O Lord

Epiphany of the Lord (A) : Sunday 5th January 2020

Is. 60:1-6; Ps. 72(71):1-2,7-8,10-11,12-13;
Eph. 3:2-3,5-6; Mt. 2:1-12 (Psalter proper)

When Isaiah penned today’s passage, it seemed as though the darkness had covered the earth. It was a time of great suffering and struggle, just as our own time is. It would be easy to become discouraged, depressed, and cynical, but Isaiah urges us in another direction. It is always dark before the light of God dawns. When the glory of the Lord arises, darkness and sin flee. It happened back then, and it will happen again in our time. We must have faith and hope and help others along the way.

The glory and light of the Lord arose in Jesus as the guiding star. The first group of men who journeyed to give homage to Jesus were not Israelites, but wise men or priests of another religion. The light of God always shines in the hearts of those who seek truth, justice and peace.  These people become passionate about pleasing God in all things, and they know God’s light and love know no boundaries or limits, nor does God show favouritism. Let us keep our minds and hearts open, seeking the light of God.  Surely, God is hard at work in our troubled world.

Lord, may I seek and follow Your light.

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