4th Week of Advent : Tuesday 24th December 2019

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4th Week of Advent

4th Week of Advent : Tuesday 24th December 2019

2 Sam. 7:1-5,8-12,14,16; Ps. 89(88):2-3,4-5,27,29;
Lk. 1: 67-79 (Ps Wk IV)

What does God need? Nothing – except our love and our fidelity. David was carried away by feelings of gratitude for all that God had done for him. He wanted to build God a ‘house’ – a temple – as a sign of his love. God was adamant: He had no need of a house to dwell in. All God had ever asked of David was loyalty, devotion, and a commitment to being a just and wise king. David had fallen short in many ways.

Sometimes we want to do something for God in order to run away from our own failings.  The only thing that really pleases God is a loving and humble heart.

Many feared the visitation of God, believing that it could only mean wrath, judgement, and punishment. But Zechariah had it right: the visitation of God proved that God kept His promises. It was also a sign of God’s faithful love and tender mercy, brought deliverance, freedom, and a guiding light from above. There was nothing to fear – unless, of course, you were opposed to all those things and dedicated instead to power and injustice. These were God’s gifts – but have we opened our minds and hearts to receive them? Perhaps we still live in fear or are strangers to a sense of joy and gratitude.

Jesus is truly the dawning  light from on high and the presence of God’s tender mercy. Each day we can receive Jesus into our hearts and like John the Baptist prepare others to receive the gift of God. The visitation of God is truly new life.

Lord, open my heart to receive the gift of Your spirit.

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