3rd Week of Advent (C) : Tuesday 14th December 2021

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St John of the Cross, priest & doctor

3rd Week of Advent (C) : Tuesday 14th December 2021

Zeph. 3:1-2,9-13; Ps. 33:2-3,6-7,17-18,
19,23; Mt. 21:28-32 (Ps Wk III)

During the Advent season, we are constantly challenged by the daily Scripture readings. In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus said that those who were despised, rejected and condemned by the religious leaders, though they had said ‘no’ to God, were repenting, performing God’s will and entering the Kingdom. On the other hand, the religious authorities have loudly said ‘yes’ to God but never did what God said, so they failed to enter.

Through this parable, Jesus is speaking to us – reminding us not to judge others but accept this challenge and change ourselves.“To live is to change. To be perfect is to have changed often,” wrote St. John Henry Newman.

A similar message is reflected in the first reading wherein the prophet focused on Jerusalem and Judah – the guilty city which harboured oppressors, rebels and defiled people. These people observed ritual cleaning as an external sanctity and appeared to be pure. They failed to obey God as they had no trust in God who had directed and guided them. On the contrary, the humble and meek (Zeph. 3:12 and 13) put their trust in God as they knew their confidence and strength were derived from God.

Let us continue to seek God’s presence in our lives by examining ourselves regularly as we renew ourselves to welcome Jesus into our hearts at Christmas.

“Lord, lead us and guide us in Your way.”

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