2nd Week of Advent : Saturday 12th December 2020

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Lord, help me to change my ways and draw closer to you

2nd Week of Advent : Saturday 12th December 2020

Sir. 48:1-4,9-11; Ps. 79:2,3,15-16,18-19;
Mt. 17:10-13 (Ps Wk II)

What will it take for us to be convinced that God is truly present with His people and that He wants us to change our lives and draw us closer to Him each day? A miracle? A powerful supernatural sign? A disaster? The first reading describes how the prophet Elijah performed amazing miracles and signs with the power that could only have come from God.

He stopped the rain from falling, causing a famine in the land; thrice, he brought down fire from heaven and was taken up to heaven on a fiery chariot. This led the Jews to believe that Elijah did not experience death and will return one day.

Yet, even after witnessing the miracles and signs performed by Elijah, the people did not change their ways. They were excited about them for a while, but over time their hearts were hardened and turned to other gods. As a result, the people of Israel were destroyed by a foreign power.

The disciples, Peter, James and John had personally witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus a short time ago. As they were coming down from the mountain, they asked Jesus about the return of Elijah. It was traditionally believed that Elijah would return from heaven before God’s kingdom would come. Jesus asserts that Elijah had already arrived in the person of John the Baptist who preached a message of repentance.

However, just as John was not recognised by the people and underwent suffering and death, Jesus the Son of Man will also be put to death.

Lord, help me change my ways.

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