2nd Week of Advent (C) : Saturday 11th December 2021

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St Damasus I, pope

2nd Week of Advent (C) : Saturday 11th December 2021

Sir. 48:1-4,9-11; Ps. 79:2,3,15-16,18-19;
Mt. 17:10-13 (Ps Wk II)

The writer of the Book of Ecclesiasticus (Sirach)presents the prophet Elijah as one who is filled with the Spirit of God, who has power over nature to the extent that he is able to cause famine by preventing rain from falling on the earth. He also has powers to create miracles, to raise to life or cause death. He was so God-like in many ways that he did not even die a human death but was taken up to heaven in a chariot. However, although Elijah was a great man of God who worked wonders, what he did had little effect on the righteous living of the people. Once the miracles stopped and the excitement had died down, they returned to their sinful ways.

During the time of Jesus, there was a traditional belief that God’s kingdom would come only upon the return of the prophet Elijah. Jesus, for his part, accepts this tradition as valid but stresses that Elijah has already come in the person of John the Baptist. John was not recognised but rather, underwent suffering and death, so Jesus, as the Son of Man, will be misunderstood and put to death. It is a truth that Jesus emphasises to his disciples again and again. Although the disciples may be taken up by Jesus’ words and works, the reality is that suffering and death will be part of the Messiah’s mission.

As we enter more deeply into the Season of Advent, may we see the true meaning of the coming of the Son of God into our lives.

Lord, may we come to know You anew this Christmas.

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