1st Week of Advent : Wednesday 2nd December 2020

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Lord, help us to be like you ... compassionate , caring for the sick and taking care of the poor

1st Week of Advent : Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Is. 25:6-10; Ps. 22: 1-4,5,6;
Mt. 15:29-37 (Ps Wk I)

In his World Mission Sunday Message, 2020, Pope Francis has called on the Church to understand what God is saying during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic: “Illness, suffering, fear and isolation challenge us.

“Also the poverty of those who die alone, the abandoned, those who have lost their jobs and income, the homeless and those who lack food challenge us.”

Surely, there is much need of hope during this period, and the Holy Scripture rechallenges us to re-discover and renew our understanding of God and what He desires for us, His people.

The first reading presents us an image of a grand banquet that God will prepare for His people on the “mountain” which is Mount Zion, where God Himself dwells. Rich food and fine strained wine will be served. The banquet is held to celebrate God’s victory over every threat that hangs over the head of humanity, including death. He will remove all sorrow and the humiliation that His people have suffered at the hands of their enemies.

The Psalm is a song of trust where God is portrayed as a Shepherd who cares for His people and who leads them. The people are asked to have full confidence in the Lord even when the paths of life go through dangerous and dark places. Again, the image of the banquet is used to show God’s blessings for His people.

The Gospel passage shows Jesus as the compassionate Son of God, curing the sick and feeding the people.

Lord, thank You for assuring us of Your love.

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