1st Sunday of Advent (C) : Tuesday 30th November 2021

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Feast St Andrew, Apostle

1st Sunday of Advent (C) : Tuesday 30th November 2021

Rom. 10:9-18; Ps. 18:2-3,4-5;
Mt. 4:18-22 (Ps Wk I)

It is not enough just to keep our faith in Jesus to ourselves. Paul insists that we have to proclaim Him too. This does not mean forcing our religion on others or shouting on a street corner but being willing to talk about Jesus without embarrassment. He is not good news for people unless they hear about him.

Our proclamation should always be sincere and honest as well as respectful of others. Jesus must have had a powerful personality and presence. He walked up to total strangers and called upon them to leave everything and follow him – and they did! His voice resonated with the loving voice of the Father and was difficult to resist.

When our words are loving, we have a more significant influence than when we speak with anger, impatience, or harshness. Jesus told these fishermen that he would make them fishers of people. They would bring many souls to God. Our faith is never for us alone, but for the sake of others and God’s kingdom. We are all called by Jesus to be missionary disciples, which means placing the good of souls before all other concerns.

Lord, help me to always labour for the good of souls.

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