4th Week, Ordinary Time : Tuesday 31st January, 2023

Daily Word Of God

Mark 5:25-31,33-34

There was a woman who had suffered from a haemorrhage for twelve years; after long and painful treatment under various doctors, she had spent all she had without being any the better for it; in fact, she was getting worse. She had heard about Jesus, and she came up through the crowd and touched his cloak from behind, thinking, ‘If I can just touch his clothes, I shall be saved.’ And at once the source of the bleeding dried up, and she felt in herself that she was cured of her complaint.

And at once aware of the power that had gone out from him, Jesus turned round in the crowd and said, ‘Who touched my clothes?’ His disciples said to him, ‘You see how the crowd is pressing round you; how can you ask, “Who touched me?” ’ Then the woman came forward, frightened and trembling because she knew what had happened to her, and she fell at his feet and told him the whole truth. ‘My daughter,’ he said, ‘your faith has restored you to health; go in peace and be free of your complaint.’

Today's Pointers on God's Word

As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?

  • The crowd did not expect Jesus to raise Jairus’ daughter to life because deep in their hearts they were still very skeptical about Jesus. Thus they wondered whether He had the divine power to perform the miracle or not.


  • However, Jesus went with Jairus and raised his daughter to life because of his faith, humility and earnestness.


  • Have you seriously asked Jesus for a miracle? What happened?  How was it related to and revealed the depth of your faith in Him?