Presentation of the B.V. Mary : Tuesday, 21st November 2023

Daily Word Of God

Matthew 12:46-50

Jesus was speaking to the crowds when suddenly his mother and his brothers were standing outside and were anxious to have a word with him.

But to the man who told him this Jesus replied, ‘Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?’ And stretching out his hand towards his disciples he said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers. Anyone who does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.’

Today's Pointers on God's Word

As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?

  • Obedience to God’s Will and living out the Christ-like values make us true brother, sister or mother of Jesus. Mary lived this faithfully and perfectly throughout her life.


  • In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains that when we acknowledge God as our Father, then we must also pledge our allegiance to live His Will at all times. This must come before all earthly allegiances.


  • Jesus wants to bind us together in this world and for all eternity, as a family united with the Trinity and to live in their glorious presence. What is your relationship with Jesus now?