Friday after Epiphany : 7th January 2022

Daily Word Of God

Luke 5:12-16

Jesus was in one of the towns when a man appeared, covered with leprosy. Seeing Jesus he fell on his face and implored him. ‘Sir,’ he said ‘If you want to, you can cure me.’ Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him and said, ‘I want to!. Be cured!’ At the leprosy left him atonce.

He ordered him to tell no one, ‘But go and show yourself to the priest and make the offering for your healing as Moses prescribed it, as evidence to them.’ His reputation continued to grow, and large crowds would gather to hear him and to have their illnesses cured, but he would always go off to some place where he could be alone and pray.

Today's Pointers on God's Word

As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?

  • The man in today’s Gospel begged Jesus to cure him from his skin-disease of leprosy.  Jesus reached out to touch him and risked contacting the disease. He went against the Jewish laws of keeping a distance from lepers.


  • Jesus’ love for us is often shown through His compassion that is total and unconditional. How Christ-like are our compassion towards others who need it from us e.g. the poor and needy that come to us for help?


  • Pray to Jesus and reach out to Him with the strong faith like that of the leper. For with Jesus by our side, nothing is impossible.