Third Week of Advent: Friday, 16th December 2022

Daily Word Of God

John 5:33-36

Jesus said to the Jews: ‘You sent messengers to John, and he gave his testimony to the truth: not that I depend on human testimony; no, it is for your salvation that I mention it.

‘John was a lamp lit and shining and for a time you were content to enjoy the light that he gave. But my testimony is greater than John’s: the deeds my Father has given me to perform, these same deeds of mine testify that the Father has sent me.’

Today's Pointers on God's Word

As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?

  • Jesus is the lamp that shines through our lives as Christians. Do I experience Jesus shining brightly in my own life?


  • As followers of Jesus, who is the light of the world, we are called to bring this light to others. Has my own life been a light for others?


  • Am I being challenged to be the light of Christ to the people in my life at present? Who are they? How can I be this light in a concrete way? What is God inviting me to do now?