6th Week of Easter: Monday, 27th May 2019

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6th Week of Easter: Monday

6th Week of Easter: Monday, 27th May 2019

Acts 16:11-15; Ps. 150(149):1-2,3-4,5-6,9; John. 15:26-16:4 (Ps Wk II)

The Holy Spirit is God’s Easter gift to us. The Spirit reminds us we are but the Breath of God from the moment of our Creation (Gen. 2:7).

Rowan Williams says the Church is not a noun, it is a verb. It is a “becoming”. Each of us becomes more and more enfleshed into God as God became flesh for our sake. This is our destiny.

At each Eucharist we are reminded that we are remembered: we are in communion (remade) with God and with one another, in spite of our differences, brokenness, crookedness and whatever mishaps we have stumbled into.

At such times the Holy Spirit becomes our advocate — a Helper in all events. There are times we can get overwhelmed by the nonsensical and silly ways of the world we live in. This is the time we need to stand firm in our witness to God as our Creator, Father.

When we face difficult times, we may be tempted to compromise God’s standards to the world’s standards. Like Lydia, in the Acts, we listen to the Truth and accept to follow in the new way of the Gospel, which is God’s Word for us.

Lord, may the Spirit empower us in our weakness to remain ever true to Your voice.