17th Week, Ordinary Time (Year A) : Monday, 31st July, 2023

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DGeMs- Daily Gospel eMessage

Dear Friend in the Lord,

Discerning Life: In today’s Gospel, Jesus proclaims the “Parable of the Mustard seed” to emphasize that the Kingdom of heaven, grows gradually within us; and can attain great heights and depths of love for God; beyond any human capacities.  Ponder on, “St Ignatius of Loyola, urges us to discern God’s Presence and His Loving Care in our daily living.”

Fr Philip Heng, S.J.

Matthew 13:31-35

Jesus put another parable before the crowds, ‘The kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown it is the biggest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air can come and shelter in its branches.’

He told them another parable, ‘The kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour till it was leavened all through.’

In all this Jesus spoke to the crowds in parables; indeed, he would never speak to them except in parables. This was to fulfil what was spoken by the prophet: I will speak to you in parables, unfold what has been hidden since the foundation of the world.