Gospel for the Day with Pointers

Reflect on the daily word of God

4th Week of Easter : Monday 4th May 2020

Jesus said: ‘I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. The hired man, since he is not the shepherd and the sheep do not belong to him, abandons the sheep as soon as he sees a wolf coming, Continue Reading

4th Week of Easter – Good Shepherd Sunday : 3rd May 2020

Jesus said to the Jews: ‘In all truth I tell you, anyone who does not enter the sheepfold through the gate, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a bandit. He who enters through the gate is the shepherd of the Continue Reading

3rd Week of Easter : Saturday 2nd May 2020

After hearing his doctrine, many of the followers of Jesus said, ‘This is intolerable language. How could anyone accept it?’ Jesus was aware that his followers were complaining about it and said, ‘Does this disturb you? What if you should see the Son of Continue Reading

Feast of St Joseph, the Worker : Friday 1st May 2020

The Jews started arguing among themselves, ‘How can this man give us his flesh to eat?’ Jesus replied to them: In all truth I tell you, if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no Continue Reading

3rd Week of Easter : Thursday 30th April 2020

Jesus said to the crowd: ‘No one can come to me unless drawn by the Father who sent me, and I will raise that person up on the last day. It is written in the prophets: They will all be taught by God; everyone who Continue Reading

3rd Week of Easter : Wednesday 29th April 2020

Jesus said to the crowd: ‘I am the bread of life. No one who comes to me will ever hunger; no one who believes in me will ever thirst. But, as I have told you, you can see me and still you do not believe. Continue Reading