16th Week in Ordinary Time: Thursday 25th July 2019

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St James, Apostle

16th Week in Ordinary Time: Thursday 25th July 2019

2 Cor. 4:7-15; Ps. 126(125):1-3,4-5,6;
Mt. 20:20-28 (Ps Wk IV)

Paul explained to the church in Corinth that God’s mercy was the reason he engaged in the ministry of proclaiming Christ. He pointed out that people were like clay jars which were fragile but contained a great treasure — the power of God. Paul assured the people that although they would suffer, they would not be destroyed because of the God-given power within them. God had raised Jesus from the dead and Paul proclaimed that God would raise them with Jesus as well. Paul’s faith was deep. He wanted the Corinthians to embrace God’s grace with thanksgiving and courage and bring this message to all.

Most mothers can understand the mother of James and John. She wanted her sons to sit in the highest places of honour in Jesus’ kingdom. Jesus explained that although James and John would drink his cup, meaning that they would suffer, those seats would be filled by those chosen by the Father. When the other disciples became angry with James and John, Jesus explained that his followers needed to live differently. Jesus had come to serve and so must his followers. The way of measuring status would be turned upside down; whoever wanted to be great must be willing to serve. This was revolutionary and totally in opposition to the way of the world both then and now.

Lord, help me to proclaim the message of Christ by serving You courageously.