12th Week in Ordinary Time: Tuesday 25th June 2019

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12th Week in Ordinary Time

12th Week in Ordinary Time: Tuesday 25th June 2019

Gen. 13:2,5-18; Ps. 15(14):2-4,5;
Mt. 7:6,12-14 (Ps Wk IV )

Abram and Lot went their separate ways, for they both had great possessions and there wasn’t room on the land to support all their livestock. Abram gave Lot the choice of land and Lot chose the well-watered plain of the Jordan. Abram went towards Canaan, but God had great plans for him. Once Abram settled in Canaan, God showed him the vast land that he would give him and his offspring and told him to walk the length and breadth of it. God also told him that his offspring would be as numerous as the dust — God’s covenant with Abram. Abram — later called Abraham — believed God and obeyed him. Then Abram built an altar to the Lord. Faith and obedience are essential for true worship.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warned the people to be careful with whom they shared what he had been teaching them. Those who did not understand might not treat the teaching with respect. We also need to be cautious how we share our spiritual experiences. Jesus’ ethical teaching is summed up in the Golden Rule as he taught everyone to treat others as they would like to be treated. Jesus continued to explain the difficulties involved in following him — but his way would lead to life. Do you find the way of Jesus difficult? Take your concerns to him in prayer. Jesus will give you the wisdom and strength to follow him.

Lord, help me to believe and obey as Abraham did.