Wednesday, 3rd April 2019

4th Week of Lent

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019

Is. 49:8-15; Ps. 145(144):8-9,13-14,17-18; Jn. 5:17-30 (Ps Wk IV)

In the gospel passage today, John the Evangelist provides the answers to two key questions. Firstly, what gives Jesus the right to ‘work’ on the Sabbath by healing the sick. Secondly, what gives Jesus the right to call God his Father, and in doing so, make himself equal with God.

To the first question, John states that there are two activities that God does not cease to do even on the Sabbath — “giving life” and of “judgement”. Therefore, Jesus has the right to ‘work’ on the Sabbath because his Father does not cease to do the same. It is a right based on Jesus’ special relationship with the Father. His actions take place at the same time as those of his Father in “giving life” and in “judging”. If this is true, does not it mean that Jesus too is God. Do Christians therefore believe in two Gods?

In response to this, John stresses the divinity of Jesus and the oneness of God. The relationship between the Father and the Son is one of mutual knowledge and love. The Father opens Himself fully in love to His Son, and hands over his works to the Son. The Father communicates His divine life to the Son without losing anything of the richness of His own divine life. Therefore, the Son is to be given the same honour as the Father.

Through Jesus the Father reveals His intimate love for his people, a love that is likened to the love of a mother for her child. And even if a mother forgets her baby, God never forgets His people.

Father, thank You for Your faithfulness.