13th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Saturday 6th July 2024

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St. Maria Goretti, Virgin & Martyr, pray for us

13th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Saturday 6th July 2024

Am 9:11-15; Ps 84:9, 11-14
Mt 9:14-17 (Ps Wk I)

How do you see the world as reported by the various media? We find many examples of ruin and destruction in our world from both natural and human causes. It is easy to lose heart and to despair, but Scripture encourages us in another direction. God is always several steps ahead of the mess and plans to restore, heal, and prosper the people who have suffered. There is hope; there is always a tomorrow. We cannot give in to darkness. Our assurance is as Prophet Amos prophesied, “On that day I will rebuild the collapsing hut of David. I will seal its gaps, repair its ruins, and restore it to what it was like in days gone by.”

The despairing mindset is apparent when Jesus was asked why His disciples did not fast. How could they? The Beloved was with them, and they could only rejoice in His presence. Using this as a teaching moment, He compared wineskins to our state of spiritual awareness and understanding. We cannot put new wine in ragged old wineskins – they will not be able to hold the wine. New wineskins are called for – a new way of thinking and understanding God, human life, and spiritual principles. But many people do not want to let go of the old wineskins, and misunderstandings and strife result. We need to expand our horizons and open our hearts – a new world is dawning.

Lord, renew my understanding of seeing the world through You.

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