12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) : Friday 28th June 2024

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St Irenaeus, Bishop & Martyr, pray for us

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) : Friday 28th June 2024

2 Kgs. 25:1-12; Ps. 136:1-6;
Mt. 8:1-4 (Ps Wk IV)

As Jesus comes down from the mountain and starts His journey back to Capernaum, a large crowd follows Him. Although impressed by His words, they remain curious. Therefore, they are just a “crowd” and not followers. Just then, a leper approaches. Considered an outcast by society, he stands apart from the “crowd”. And yet, he “came up to” and “bowed low” in front of Jesus and said, “Sir, if you want to, you can cure me.”

The leper’s faith is a simple declaration of trust in Jesus. If by teaching the Sermon on the Mount Jesus demonstrates that He is the Messiah of the Word, by healing the leper, He now presents Himself as the Messiah by deed. Unlike the “crowd” that remains curious and unsure, the leper’s action showed that a simple act of faith is enough to move Jesus, Who responds to those who turn to Him, even if they are considered as outcasts by society.

The act of faith shown by the leper is contrasted with the lack of faith demonstrated by the “crowd” and by King Zedekiah, as seen in the first reading. Zedekiah does what is evil in the eyes of God by worshipping other gods. As a result, he and the nation are punished through the invasion of the Babylonians. We too can be like the “crowd” (unsure), King Zedekiah (disobedient) or the leper (with simple faith). The choice is ours.

Lord, may my simple faith lead to Your healing work.

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