9th Week in Ordinary Time (Year B) : Monday 3rd June 2024

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Ss Charles Lwanga & Comps, Martyrs, pray for us

9th Week in Ordinary Time (Year B) : Monday 3rd June 2024

2 Pt. 1:2-7; Ps. 90:1-2, 14-16;
Mk. 12:1-12 (Ps Wk I)

The graces and promises that God has given us are astounding, but often people are unaware of them. Peter tells us that we are called to glory and to be ‘partakers of the divine nature.’ In other words, we will experience God as part of ourselves. Our experience tells us that, exercising  virtues, for example self-control, is added to understanding, which finally must be grounded in love. And to receive these things, we must safeguard and nourish our souls each day, just as if we were tending a garden. If we do this, we will bear abundant fruit from virtue to virtue.


God continually tries to engage us in His plan of redemption, though people often turn away and even persecute divine messengers and prophets. Jesus warned the people of His time that if they did not respond, God would look elsewhere, for God goes where God is welcome. God does not reject anyone but focuses His attention on those willing and eager to do His Will. Hospitality to God’s Word and working akin to nurturing a garden, is a virtue. And if we are such people, we too will begin to partake in the divine nature. God need not be distant, but closer to us than our own heartbeat. The God within us is ready and waiting – what will our response be?

Lord, may I always be eager to do Your will.

In Preparation for the Solemnity of the Most Sacred heart of Jesus:
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