8th Week in Ordinary Time (Year B) : Tuesday 28th May 2024

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Lord, help me place everything I have, in Your care and wisdom

8th Week in Ordinary Time (Year B) : Tuesday 28th May 2024

1 Pt. 1:10-16; Ps. 97:1-4;
Mk. 10:28-31 (Ps Wk IV)

Yesterday’s rich man going away dismayed and sad illustrates dramatically how riches could come between a person and being a follower of Jesus. Jesus makes it clear that entrance into the kingdom cannot be achieved through mere human resources or effort. It always involves the work of God.

Today’s Gospel passage presents a response and reward to true followers of Christ. Peter’s question sums up the significance of the story of the rich man. The rich man trusted in his riches more and was frankly told by Jesus that he could not enter the kingdom. Whereas the disciples left everything for the sake of the Gospel and were assured by Jesus that, while in their hardship they might be seen as the least of all, they were already reaping rewards in abundance,  they would outrank the great ones of the earth.

In his letter, Peter reminds the believers that it is not enough to be a Christian in name only. Christians have to make sacrifices in order to live a life worthy of their faith. They must persevere and set their hopes completely on the grace given to them at the revelation of Jesus Christ. Hence, our conversion to Christ must recognise His sufferings and glories. Delivered from the old ways, we must live in obedience to the teachings of Christ Jesus. To be a Christian is to be holy, since we have been freed from worldly encumbrances.

Lord, help me to place everything I have in Your care and wisdom.

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