Sixth Week of Easter : Monday, 6th May 2024

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Lord, help us to put aside our anger and intolerance, in our daily word, thought, and deed

Sixth Week of Easter : Monday, 6th May 2024

Acts 16:11-15; Ps. 149:1-6, 9;
Jn 15:26 — 16:4 (Ps Wk II)

St Paul went to a stream outside the city of Philippi, and there he found many ‘God-fearers’ gathered to pray. When he preached to them, one in particular – a businesswoman named Lydia – accepted the faith and was baptised, along with her household. In the earliest Church, it was often the women who were the most receptive to the message and who provided much of the support. Women have often been the mainstay of the Church through the centuries. Although they have often not been sufficiently appreciated, their faith is formidable.

Jesus comforted His followers by promising to send them an Advocate to be His continuing presence in the community and to reveal truth to them. But, He also warned them that the day would come when those killing them would think that they were doing God a great service. We have seen this in our own time in all religions, including our own. Killing and persecuting can never be seen as rendering God service, or as something admirable. He had repeatedly told us that religious aggressors will confront us. Even then, Jesus raises our faith to remain unshaken.  As religious people, we must put aside our anger and intolerance, and we can do that daily in word, thought, and deed. We know what God is like: we have seen and experienced Jesus.

Lord, may I always reveal Your true nature in my words and actions.

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