Sixth Week of Easter : Friday, 10th May 2024

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St John De Avila, Priest and Doctor, pray for us

Sixth Week of Easter : Friday, 10th May 2024

Acts 18:9-18; Ps. 46:2-7;
Jn. 16:20-23 (Ps Wk II)

In the Gospel, Jesus explains to the disciples what will happen when He “goes” to the Father. Although they will not see Him physically, He will be more present to them through the Holy Spirit. It will happen “when the day comes”, that is, when they fully understand Jesus’ death and resurrection. The pain of loss, that is, of not being able to see and be with Him in person, will give way to a sense of joy, born of faith.

It is a joy, with the help of the Spirit, to be aware of Christ’s risen presence among them. Such experience of Jesus’ presence in the Spirit is illustrated in Paul’s missionary life. Although Paul encounters opposition from the Jews in Corinth, the Lord encourages him to continue his mission of proclaiming the Gospel. Assured, Paul knew he was not alone as many would be with him.

The experience of absence and pain, leading to a sense of joy in Jesus is seen in the image of a woman giving birth. It is in, and through, this “hour” of Jesus that a new era will be born. And it is at the final coming of Jesus that His presence will be fully revealed. Then will the joy of the Christian be complete. In the same way, today, Jesus tells us not to be discouraged or afraid since He is present with us too, through the Spirit.

Lord, may we be aware of Your abiding presence with us.

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