Fifth Week of Easter : Tuesday, 30th April 2024

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Jesus, Prince of Peace, will never abandon us

Fifth Week of Easter : Tuesday, 30th April 2024

Acts 14:19-28; Ps. 114:10-13,21;
Jn. 14:27-31 (Ps. Wk. I)

Paul and Barnabas survived the stoning episode. And they even managed to win over hearts to join them and be part of the Early Church community. The work of Paul and Barnabas had indeed fulfilled what the psalmist echoed, telling all nations the glorious splendour of God’s reign. Their resilience was remarkable. Even in the face of resistance and spitefulness of the people instigated by other envious Jews, they persevered in the hardships. For them, it was an account of the Spirit at work.

Jesus assured the disciples of His closeness to them. It was affirmed by His peace. To follow Him is to dispel fear since no evil power will defeat Him. Therefore,  Jesus’ exhortation to the disciples  was a pledge that He would never abandon them. In fact, they would never be without direction in Him. And this is evidenced by their later experience that to abide in Him is also to abide in the Father and Son relationship . To be followers of Jesus is to have experienced the same love flowing in a singular intention between Father and Son. That intention is to restore peace and not to instill fear. Can we let our future be blurred by groundless fear?

Easter must be an indelible part of our daily life. Nothing shall rob us of our joy and confidence that God is never defeated.

Lord God, may the peace of Easter be tangibly seen in our way relating with others.

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