19th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 14th August 2023

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St Maximilian Kolbe Priest & martyr, pray for us

19th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 14th August 2023

Deut. 10:12-22; Ps. 147:12-15,19-20;
Mt. 17:22-27 (Ps. Wk. III)

The Scripture passage in the first reading describes how Moses calls the people of Israel to a total commitment to God. The key message in Moses’ speech is that God’s love for His people is central to Israel’s response to God. This God, the Creator of the universe, selected Israel, from among all the nations, to be His specially chosen people. Israel had been set apart for God’s special love. Israel’s response in the form of ritualistic observances, including that of circumcision, is to celebrate this divine choice.

Moses also points out that these observances must go beyond formal rituals. They must help transform the spirit of the people, that is, to a new approach to their relationship with God. One of the ways they can show how seriously they take their election as the People of God is to become responsible for those in their community who are economically and socially dependent on others for their survival. These include the poor, the sick, the widows and orphans, the elderly and others. God chose weak and powerless people to be the object of His unique love. As a response, Israel must love the same kind of people God loves.

The message of Moses is an important reminder for us Christians. God revealed His unique love to us through His Son, Jesus. It means we must go beyond our ritualistic observances and respond to God’s love by loving others, especially the weak, the poor and the powerless.

Lord, help me to love as You do.

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