14th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 11th July 2023

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St Benedict, abbot, pray for us

14th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 11th July 2023

Gen. 32:23-33; Ps. 16:1,2-3,6-7,8 and 15;
Mt. 9:32-38 (Ps. Wk. II)

The Psalmist proclaims, “Lord, I shall see your face in my justice.” He exudes the confident trust he has in the Lord. He marvels in gratitude for the wonders the Lord has done for him. The Lord has made him righteous, and the Lord has visited him. For this, he declares, he shall see the Lord’s face.

After wrestling with the “stranger”, Jacob also declares: “I have seen God face to face” and names this place of his encounter Peniel. In wrestling with God, Jacob is made right and is given a new name, Israel. For this, he and his forefathers, Isaac and Abraham, will be the father of a great nation, Israel.

Our Lord Jesus continues His Father’s way of justice. He makes things right again. He restores. He ushers the Kingdom of God. He restores Israel. He reconciles. He heals. He works miracles. He delivers evil spirits. He enlists disciples to continue this work of reconciliation. The Gospel reading for today tells us of a dumb demonic healed by Jesus. Jesus exorcises the evil spirit from this man. And this man is made right to recover his speech and to take his rightful place in his community. This work of reconciliation is seen in the Gospel readings we have been reading lately.

But, underlying this work of justice is the Lord’s compassion and mercy, for “the crowds are harassed and dejected like sheep without a shepherd.” Perhaps we can understand the praise of the Psalmist: it is in Our Lord that “justice …and …mercy are met” (cf. Psalm 85:10-13).

Praise be to the Lord, always!


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