5th Week of Lent : Saturday 1st April 2023

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Lord, help me to remove human selfishness, fear, and greed from my heart

5th Week of Lent : Saturday 1st April 2023

Ez. 37:21-28; (R. Ps.) Jer. 31:10-13;
Jn. 11:45-56 (Ps. Wk. I)

Without hope, we cannot live. Dreams and visions feed our hearts and souls, giving us the strength and courage to continue. The exiled people in Babylon were heartened by Ezekiel’s vision of a restored and reunited nation under one king. They would return to their land and regain peace, prosperity, and happiness. They did return, but things were not as rosy as they had hoped. Human selfishness, fear, and greed got in the way and wrecked many of God’s plans.

Fear ruins everything, and the temple authorities were in its grip. Rather than rejoicing at the raising of Lazarus, they feared that it would invite a violent reaction on the part of the Romans. The Romans might destroy the city and the temple – precisely what had happened! Even through that fear, the Spirit spoke, for Caiphas unwittingly prophesied that Jesus would die for the entire nation – better for one man to die than for the whole nation to perish. More actual words have never been spoken, but not in the sense that Caiphas intended them. God will always triumph in the end, but it would be wonderful if we cooperated with that divine will every step of the way.

What are our hopes and dreams? What would we like the future to bring us, our nation, and our world? Walk in the ways of the Lord, and it can be so.

Lord, remove fear from my heart.

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