Weekday of Christmas : Thursday 5th January 2023

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Saint John Neumann, Bishop

Weekday of Christmas : Thursday 5th January 2023

1 Jn.3:11-21; Ps. 99:2,3,4,5;
Jn. 1:43-51 (Ps. Wk. II)

The first reading repeats the message of love that has been given earlier in the Letter, and repeatedly in the Gospel of John. Loving one another would be key to passing “from death to life” – in other words, a person who did not love would not inherit eternal life. But this love was more than a kind feeling towards others. One was to show that love by giving to others in need. The source of this love is God, and this love is the key to knowing God.

Jesus called Philip, and Philip not only followed but invited Nathaniel to join him. When Nathaniel expressed disdain because Jesus came from Nazareth, Philip challenged him to “Come and see.” Jesus surprised Nathaniel with His knowledge of Nathaniel’s character, resulting in Nathaniel declaring that Jesus was the Son of God. To which Jesus responded that Nathaniel would see greater things, like angels descending on the Son of Man. Philip models the way to be a missionary disciple of Christ – thus inviting others to “Come and see.”

Lord, help me to courageously invite others to come and meet You.

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