Friday after Ash Wednesday : 24th February 2023

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Lord, deepen my spiritual understanding

Friday after Ash Wednesday : 24th February 2023

Is. 58:1-9a; Ps. 50:3-6,18-19;
Mt. 9:14-15 (Ps. Wk. IV)

God continually tells us through the prophets that He is not interested in worship and piety, which are not the fruits of compassion, mercy, and justice. It’s just a sham – play-acting. God outlines true worship: relieving others of their burdens and oppression, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and caring for the homeless.

In other words, concern and care for the well-being and happiness of others are essential. This teaching is often given in the Old Testament, and just as often, it is ignored. We are all one people, expressions of our God. We should act accordingly.

Some objected that the disciples of Jesus did not fast. Jesus answered that no one fasts at a wedding celebration, especially in the bridegroom’s presence. And Jesus was the bridegroom – fasting would come later. Our relationship with Jesus should be a source of joy and celebration. The puzzling parable about the wineskins signifies new ways of spiritual thinking. We cannot fit them into an old and worn wineskin – it will burst, and all will be wasted. We must think in new ways and fashion a vessel capable of holding the gift that God gives us.

Lord, deepen my spiritual understanding.

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