HOLY INNOCENTS, Martyrs : Wednesday 28th December 2022

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Lord, help me walk in Your light

HOLY INNOCENTS, Martyrs : Wednesday 28th December 2022

1 Jn. 1:5--2:2; Ps. 123:2-3,4-5,7-8;
Mt. 2:13-18 (Ps. Wk. I)

We celebrated the Feast of the Birth of Our Lord a few days ago. It marks a significant moment in the history of humanity. Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah, has come into the world. The light has come amidst the darkness.

In his letter, John writes about the sphere of light and darkness. He says that although God is light and we are called to live in the light, human beings are drawn to darkness – a life of untruth and deceit.

In the Gospel, we read how the power of darkness is at work in the person of King Herod. He, among the first to receive news about the Messiah from the Wise Men, sought to destroy the Light. Because he wanted to hold on to his earthly kingdom, he was willing to murder innocent children to achieve his end.

On Christmas day, the light came into the world in the Person of Christ. He invites us to come out of darkness, out of a life of sin and live in union with Him. But like Herod, each of us has at least one area in our lives making us live in darkness. It is something we are holding on to, unwilling to give up. It could be unforgiveness, anger, unfaithfulness, jealousy and so on.

What is it we are holding on to? What is preventing us from living and walking in the light? Perhaps, it is time to surrender it to the Lord today.

Lord, help me walk in Your light.

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