3rd Week of Advent (A) : Thursday 15th December 2022

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Lord, help me to recognise my sinfulness

3rd Week of Advent (A) : Thursday 15th December 2022

Is 54:1-10; Ps. 29:2,4-6,11-13;
Lk 7:24-30 (Ps. Wk. III)

The passage from Isaiah is full of images of promise and hope for the people of Israel. The Israelites were in exile, and times had been tough. Isaiah’s prophecy was meant to encourage the people. They were like a barren woman, but God would restore them again, and they would flourish once more. The people were reminded of God’s covenant with Noah and then assured of God’s steadfast love, compassion and peace. These words can be reassuring for us as well.

John the Baptist had just sent his disciples to ask Jesus whether he was the one who was to come.

After they left, Jesus spoke about John, indicating that John was the messenger who had come before the Lord. Jesus respected John as being greater than anyone born of women, and yet the least in the kingdom of God was greater than John. Many were baptised by John because they recognised their need; however, some of the Pharisees had not because they did not recognise their sinfulness. God calls us to recognise that we all have sinned and need God’s mercy and pardon.

Lord, help me to humbly recognise where I need Your mercy and forgiveness.

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