2nd Week of Advent (A) : Wednesday 7th December 2022

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Ambrose, bishop & doctor

2nd Week of Advent (A) : Wednesday 7th December 2022

Is 40:25-31; Ps 102:1-4,8,10;
Mt 1
1:28-30 (Ps. Wk. II)

Many of us spend a big part of our lives waiting for medical test results or for our prayers to be answered. Why is waiting so hard, and why do we struggle with patience? Blame it on modern technology! A ‘click-on-demand’ lifestyle that offers instant gratification eliminates the need for queueing and waiting. But the Christian life is one filled with waiting. Advent is one such journey.

This waiting is spiritual, active and patient. It is necessary for an interior spring cleaning. It is spiritual and active when we spend quiet time, attentive in prayerful reflection and intentionally allowing Him to inform, form and transform us. It is patient as we grow in understanding the ways of the Lord and His saving plan for us. God answers all prayers in His time, not ours.

A spotless house ready for Christmas is meaningless if our hearts are stained with sin. Advent is the perfect time to take an honest look inside the closets of our hearts. What needs to be discarded to make more room for Jesus? Is there resentment and unforgiveness that we should surrender to Him to redeem?

Let us accept then His invitation to share our burdens with Him. In Him, we find rest and refreshment, and with hearts unencumbered, we will be filled with joyful praise on Christmas Day as we welcome Him into our lives!

“He gives strength to the wearied…” Jesus, lead me to a more profound longing for You as I wait patiently and hope for Your Coming.

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