34th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Monday 22nd November 2021

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St Cecilia, virgin & martyr

34th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Monday 22nd November 2021

Dan. 1:1-6,8-20; (R. Ps.) Dan. 3:52,53,54,
55,56; Lk. 21:1-4 (Ps. Wk. II)

Today’s readings give us great examples of trust in the Lord in order to teach us how to deepen our own trust in God’s providence.

The situation of those four young Jewish men taken in exile was very difficult indeed. Although they were granted the privilege of living in the king’s court and then becoming the king’s officials, the price of that privilege was very high. They were asked to abandon their faith and tradition. They were slaves in a golden cage. However, those young men were wise and courageous. They didn’t compromise their faith. They placed their future in the hands of God and were rewarded with intelligence and knowledge and an even stronger faith.

In the Gospel, a poor woman offered everything to God knowing that He would provide for her needs. We don’t know what happened the day after; however, we shouldn’t have any doubts that she was rewarded for her trust and generosity. The Lord who praised her to His disciples couldn’t have left her life to be decided by fate.

We should always remember that the Lord judges our gifts looking at our hearts, more than at our hands. God is much more interested in what we will still keep to ourselves than in what we offer to Him. He expects us to offer to Him everything that we have because, in exchange, He wants to give us an eternal treasure – Himself, His kingdom and eternal life.

Lord, help me not to be troubled over my future but let me offer to You everything that I have.

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