34th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday, 27th November 2020

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Lord, help us to keep our eyes on You as we read the signs of the times!

34th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday, 27th November 2020

Rev. 20:1-4,11—21:2; Ps. 83:3,4,5-6,8;
Lk. 21:29-33 (Ps Wk II)

Jesus’ parable in today’s Gospel passage teaches doctrine which Jesus elsewhere sums up as “reading the signs of the times” (cf. Matthew 16:2-3 and 24:3-31).

In fact, Matthew’s chapter 24 deals entirely with this teaching. In convoking Vatican Council II, Pope John XXIII used this phrase as one of the motivations for calling the Council.

As a consequence, the phrase was instrumental in suggesting a renewal of theological method, a new way of doing theology. We must, of course, continue to read the Bible for inspiration, since it is the word of God, but Jesus taught us to look at the world, society, humanity.

The Alleluia verse today, in different words, repeats the call: “Lift up your heads and see; your redemption is near at hand.” When St Ignatius had his great spiritual experience in which he came to a greater understanding of the Trinity, he was not in a Church; he was sitting on a riverbank looking down at the river itself. This is a great symbol. To deepen our understanding of our faith, we must raise our eyes to heaven and at the same time look down at the world.

Holy Spirit, give us the wisdom to be able to read the signs of the times and the face of the world and so be more attentive to Your enlightenment.

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