2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) : Saturday 22nd January 2022

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St Vincent, deacon and martyr

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) : Saturday 22nd January 2022

2 Sam. 1:1-4,11-12,19,23-27; Ps. 79:2-3,5-7;
Mk. 3:20-21 (Ps Wk II)

On hearing about the death of Saul, and his son, Jonathan, David rents his clothes and mourns, and weeps throughout the day. In his lamentation, David uses the word “heroes”, which in Hebrew means “warriors”, to show how highly he esteemed the sacrifice of Saul, Jonathan and all those who died in battle against the Amalekites. The lamentation also highlights the special love that David has for Jonathan. It may have seemed to many that David was “crazy” in lamenting for Saul, especially when the latter mistreated him and tried to kill him. However, David never allowed himself or others to forget that Saul was an anointed one of God, and therefore, has to be given due honour at his death.

When Jesus came down from the mountain with the Twelve, he was immediately surrounded by the people that they could hardly eat. At this time, the family of Jesus were “standing outside”. They had come to protect him from doing too much. They thought he was “out of his mind”. Indeed, many in the crowd and some members of his own family could not understand Jesus and his mission.

To Jesus, only those who do the will of God are part of his family. Jesus expects his followers to have the same single-minded dedication to carry out God’s will as he does. Such dedication may seem “crazy” or “overdone” to others, and even to members of one’s own family. But this is what it means to be part of the “family of Jesus”.

Lord, may I be “crazy” for You!

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