24th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Monday 13th September 2021

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St John Chrysostom, bishop & doctor

24th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Monday 13th September 2021

1 Tim. 2:1-8; Ps. 27:2.7.8-9;
LK. 7:1-10 (Ps Wk IV)

Being in authority has never been easy, and that is even more true today. We should certainly pray for those in authority – prayers for wisdom, guidance, and courage are appropriate. But what if they do not exercise their authority with justice and mercy? In those cases, we can pray for their transformation and enlightenment. It is easy to criticise, but we need to offer something positive.

The centurion in the gospel story represented the authority and power of Rome. He belonged to an oppressive occupying army. But he was very friendly towards the Jewish people and had even built their synagogue. The synagogue leaders urged Jesus to grant the centurion his request – the healing of his servant. The centurion told Jesus not to bother coming to his house – it was enough for him to give the order for the healing. He believed wholeheartedly in the power and authority of Jesus and trusted him completely.

Jesus marvelled at the faith shown by this non-Israelite and representative of Israel’s enemy and oppressor. Many people outside of our fold show great faith, while many who belong to our communities at times show little. God reads the human heart and its intentions. Let us show great faith and look for examples of faith in the most unlikely of places.

Lord, deepen my faith.

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