22nd Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Friday 3rd September 2021

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St Gregory the Great, Pope and doctor

22nd Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Friday 3rd September 2021

Col. 1:15-20; Ps. 99:2,3,4,5;
Lk. 5:33-39 (Ps Wk II)

In a time of great division in our world, this beautiful hymn to Christ should give us some comfort and inspiration. God has been pleased to dwell in one of our own and reconcile everything in creation to Himself through him. The source of that reconciliation and unity is love – the love that comes from God and that we are called to imitate. There must be no barriers and walls between people. Hatred and ideology should not separate us or give rise to violence.

There is only one God, and the world and its people belong to him. As we gaze out on our bleeding and frightening world, we should know that God desires unity and compassion. We continue to participate in God’s work whenever we respond with love and compassion to the needs and sufferings of others, and also whenever we rise above barriers and divisions to reach out towards others.

Some are upset with Jesus because his disciples are not observing the traditional religious rules of fasting. They are enjoying themselves – imagine that! Jesus points out that there is a new spirituality being born. New wine cannot be poured into old wineskins without losing the wine, and new ideas also require a new container. Jesus challenges them to think in new and fresh ways without being prisoners to traditions and older understanding.

Lord, may I continue Your work of reconciliation and unity.

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