1st Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 11th January 2021

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Lord, help us always to be ready for you

1st Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 11th January 2021

Herb. 1:1-6; Ps. 96:1,2,6,7,9;
Mk. 1:14-20 (Ps Wk I)

According to the Church’s liturgical calendar, today the Ordinary Time of the Year begins. The word ‘ordinary’ gives the impression that nothing ‘extraordinary’ will take place as far as the liturgical year is concerned for the next few months up to the Season of Lent.

The scripture readings today quickly remind us that this is not so. Even during the Ordinary Time of the Year, the Christian faith does not allow us to become or remain ‘ordinary’. For we hear in the Gospel reading, Jesus crying out to us: “The time has come, and the kingdom of God is close at hand. Repent, and believe the Good News.”

Even now, despite the challenges and restrictions, God is working out His plan of Salvation for the whole world. The unfolding of the ever-present Kingdom of God cannot be delayed for whatever reason. It is freely offered to all who are ready to hear the message of Jesus and respond to his call. Therefore, we must always be alert so that we are prepared to answer his call positively and creatively at all times this year.

When the first disciples heard Jesus call them, they responded immediately. They left behind their ‘ordinary’ lives – the nets, boats and even family — and followed Jesus without hesitation. Jesus never stops calling us. He calls us to repent and renounce our sins and to be of service to others. Now is not the time to become or remain ‘ordinary’ Christians. We must be ever ready to respond to him.

Lord, help us always to be ready.

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