8th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 24th May 2021

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The Blessed Virgin Mary,
Mother of the Church

8th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 24th May 2021

Gen. 3:9-15,20; or Acts 1:12-14;
Ps. 86:1-2,3,5,6-7; Jn. 19:25-34 (Ps Wk IV)

The story of the Garden of Eden is similar to the teaching stories used throughout the ancient world. Their purpose was to explain pain, suffering, and inequalities, and they all tied these things to some sin or transgression in the distant past.

In this story that we know so well, Eve is the first to taste the forbidden fruit and offer it to Adam. She has often been blamed for the disaster, but all were equally guilty. Unfortunately, women have been unjustly blamed for humanity’s troubles ever since. But the story has a wonderful ending.

As Jesus nears his death on the cross, he calls to his mother Mary and gives her into the care of the Beloved Disciple as her son. Likewise, he tells the disciple that Mary is now his mother. The new Adam — Jesus — gave the New Eve — Mary — to the Church and to all believers as their mother.

The transgression of Adam and Eve was reversed and washed away. We should live our lives joyfully, gratefully, and generously as people who have truly been redeemed. Theology must be applied to our lives before it can have any genuine meaning. The celebration of this feast is about Mary but also about us.

Lord, may my life bear witness to God’s great mercy.

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