5th Week in Ordinary Time : Saturday 15th February 2020

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Lord, open my eyes to Your Presence with me.. around me...

5th Week in Ordinary Time : Saturday 15th February 2020

1 Kgs. 12:26-32; 13:33-34; Ps. 106(105):6-7,19-20,21-22;
Mk. 8:1-10 (Ps Wk I)

The Feeding of the Four Thousand is another account which illustrates Jesus’ care and compassion for the hungry.

The event of the multiplication of loaves has significant implication in the primitive Christian Tradition, e.g. in the paintings preserved in the Roman Catacombs. Together with the other feeding accounts (Mk.6: 41 and 14:22), we see the significance of the Eucharistic meals (He took, blessed, broke and gave).

The second account is for the benefit of Mark’s Gentile Christian community, i.e. both Jews and Gentiles who were the recipients of the Good News.

So the Eucharistic meals then invited all regardless of the different backgrounds and with no barriers erected! This is what we sincerely pray and work for in our daily living and challenges.

In contrast, we see in the First reading how King Jeroboam wanted to erase the people’s memory of God’s ever-protecting hands in their lives. With such sin of divisive power, which is quite prevalent in the political scene throughout the world, we need to play our prophetic role as a counter-witness to those values of the world.

“Lord, give us the strength and courage to remain faithful to our Christian calling to be authentic witnesses of Christ’s love peace and justice in the world today.”

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