20th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 19th August 2020

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St John Eudes, Priest

20th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 19th August 2020

Ez. 34:1-11; Ps. 22:1-4,5,6;
Mt. 20:1-16 (Ps Wk IV)

The God of Israel is to become the true shepherd of His people. This prophecy, dated after the fall of Jerusalem is one of hope and consolation. Israel’s shepherds (her kings, princes and priests) had played her false and had been the cause of her exile. Yahweh Himself would now become her shepherd and tend to her needs as these others had failed to do. This is the first of Ezekiel’s significant prophecies of the restoration of Israel. Jesus will later declare Himself to be the ‘Good Shepherd’ (Jn. 10:11-18).

The Gospel today tells us that God’s grace is not a reward to which we can claim a right. This is emphasized in today’s parable to the householder. We are called to reflect on the greatness and universality of God’s love and compassion, the gratuitousness of His gifts. The point is, God’s gifts to us come from His goodness. We cannot earn them. What God gives is not pay but a gift; not a reward but a grace. It is His right to be generous towards whomsoever He pleases.

The householder’s kindness and generosity show up the selfishness and lack of those who complain about the mercy others have received. We must live with the contentment of heart, appreciating the blessings God has given us. Count your own blessings and see how you have profited by them in your life.

Thank You, Lord, for Your love and the many blessings with which You have blessed me.

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