20th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 18th August 2020

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Lord, help me become a true disciple

20th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 18th August 2020

Ez. 28:1-10; (R. Ps.) Deut. 32:26-28,30,35-36;
Mt. 19:23-30 (Ps Wk IV)

The first reading describes the judgement of God, as expressed through the prophet Ezekiel on the famed commercial city of Tyre, which was also the chief city of Phoenicia. The thriving city had an extraordinary range of trading activities with its neighbouring cities and nations, but all of these activities fell into the hands of the invaders — the Babylonians.

Ezekiel predicts that in time the city and its inhabitants will be destroyed. The king, who has become arrogant due to the wealth and success of the city, will also be punished and die a violent death. The great city itself will be stripped of all its treasures earned through maritime trading, and its people will be humbled for their pride and injustices.

In the Gospel, Jesus says that wealth can become an obstacle to discipleship. Not only is it difficult for the rich to enter God’s kingdom, but it is also practically impossible. This surprises the disciples because they have assumed wealth to be a sign of divine favour. Jesus teaches them that no one can enter God’s kingdom because of his or her possessions or achievements.

The scripture readings of today are a reminder that the incessant pursuit of wealth and achievements, even by Christians, can be an obstacle to becoming a true disciple of Jesus. For those who choose radical poverty like the early disciples, the risks and sacrifices they make will be rewarded with a share in the glory of the Son of Man. The choice between the pursuit of wealth and true discipleship lies before us. We have to make the right choice!

Lord, help me become a true disciple.

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